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Better by Design

Long story short

Our project for Design denmark centred around the idea of creating a collective graphic identity which would appeal to a variety of design thinkers, enthusiasts, companies, and educational institutions within the community. Tastes and styles are always diverse among designers, but our goal was to deconstruct and reimagine a collective and cohesive graphic identity.

The idea

AM wanted to showcase the various ways in which design can be interpreted, illustrated, and reflected through a flexible filling-in-the-blanks graphic identity. Our aim with the graphic identity was to challenge, as well as unite, design through different inventive formats and formulas. We wanted to illustrate how design can thrive without limits, restrictions, and too-fixed elements. As design is an artform in itself, we believed that the identity should reflect a similar idea and be shaped by the hands and minds of each individual design craftsman or enthusiast.

The outcome

The project for Design denmark included a graphic identity with “better by” as a starting point for a communal and/or personal conversation. The identity encourages others to fill-in-the-blank (better by movement, better by craft, better by doing), to illustrate the various ways in which design can be interpreted and used. The developed identity included dynamic animation, flexible typographies, and a logo design with the Dd in focus. Even though it perhaps should be Design Denmark in capital letters, the mere choice of the small d, reflects how design literally, as well as figuratively, can be interpreted into many shapes, sizes, and formats. Everything is made better by design.